First Finds of Summer...For The Home

Summer Find Number One:
French Inspired Wall Clock from Marshalls
{Photo taken AFTER the transformation!}

I'm not sure whether to call this the $22 Clock, the Five Hour Clock or the Help Me Jesus Clock. I brought it home with visions of a quick transformation (rub white liming wax over the original black clock to give it a chalky, "antiqued" finish); but Houston heat + melting wax + slippery surface + perfectionist tendencies = one frustrated do-it-yourselfer. Five hours into it, my nine-year-old daughter decided I needed help.
"God, please help Mama with this clock. She's been working SO hard and she's trying her best, but it's not working and...wait...Mama? Did you ask God to help you? {NOPE. Sure didn't.} Oh, okay. God, I pray that Mama will ask for help on this clock. She needs your help, and I know you can help her. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."
Gulp. I walked away from the clock, came back to it the next day, wiped it clean and started over. 30 minutes later...total transformation. Leave it to Jesus to do things like that...and leave it to little ones to believe He can!

In the end, I was happy with my $22 clock transformation, but when I saw this high dollar lamp the next day, I forgot the thrill of a bargain, gave up the pride of doing things myself and splurged!

Summer Find Number Two:
Antique Shield-turned-Lamp from Nest
{You have to visit this store!}

Yes, you pay for this kind of already-done-for-you gorgeousness (which is why I usually just admire from afar and walk away), but after the five hour clock ordeal, this lamp felt like a gift! And the colors couldn't be any more perfect in my sitting room:

Goodbye Target lamp (now hiding on the floor beside the armoire). Welcome aged-to-perfection shield lamp! You sure look great next to my favorite French pillows (toted home from Provence many years ago):

I'm laughing at the contrast of these back-to-back purchases. Talk about "high/low"decorating! Both were worth it in the end (the clock for the lessons learned; the lamp for its uniqueness and instant perfection in my room).

How about you? What's your style? Inexpensive finds that require a little work? An occasional splurge that's worth the wait? Or do you prefer a mix of both? Any stories?

Happy Nesting, Friends!

P.S. Nest  is a new little shop in Houston (3637 W. Alabama near Timmons, Suite 160).  Thanks to Morning T for introducing me. It's even better in person! {Fun fact: Nest is owned by the older sister of one of my high school classmates. I love "small world" connections! Makes me feel even happier about my lovely lamp purchase.}


  1. Your lamp is fabulous and the clock turned out great! I can't wait to hear all the details about the lengthy transformation. :)

    See you tonite!

  2. What a cute lamp! Looks perfect next to that painted wood bibliotheque. Sounds like it was a well deserved splurge!

  3. The lamp is stunning (whose sister owns the shop). And, the clock turned out great too. I am a terrible DIYer....at least I feel terrible compared to all of the talented bloggers out there showing off their projects....but am a total believer in high/low in decorating.

  4. AnonymousJune 04, 2010


    I love the clock,and the lamp is exactly were it should be, in your beautiful room!


  5. Perfect addition to your almost perfect table topper! (:


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