Easy DiY Lampshade

Last weekend's five-hour clock episode challenged me to give the DiY thing another go. Only this time, I was determined to enjoy the process! I learned a thing or two during that last round!

So this week, I've got two easy projects for you: a lampshade (this post) and a giant bulletin board (next post). Trust me, it doesn't take a lot of skill to do either of these. A few supplies + a little time = instant gratification!

THE LAMPSHADE: Remember the lampshade lady in Small Town, Vermont? (Read here and here if you haven't already). Her story inspired me to find my "lampshade" in life, which turned out to be cards and stationery; but when I saw this peel-and-stick lampshade at Hobby Lobby, I couldn't resist giving it a try.

I always envisioned one of my hand embroidered "H" linens on a lampshade...I just never imagined I'd be the one making it! A little weird to take scissors to antique linens for the first time, but the paper cover on the peel-and-stick shade becomes your pattern, so there's really nothing to it.

A last-minute thought: line the inside! Paper sounded easy and required no extra shopping. (Fire hazard? Hoping not with a low wattage bulb!). Lucky for me, I'm a paper junkie and had this in my studio:

It's actually a single sheet of gift wrap from a boutique in Boston, but you can find something similar on Amazon of all places (or try this Paris map paper). I used a craft-strength glue stick, and didn't fuss over the bumpy imperfections along the edges (perfectionism = frustration; been there, done that with the clock!).

I smoothed the linen around the outside (took me a couple tries, but the sticky stuff is forgiving), glued the seam together with multi-purpose glue, and voil√†!

Always good to see how it looks with the light on! A little less than professional since the bottom edge of the pillowcase was double-thick, but I like the way the calligraphy shows through on the top. Gives it a different look from the unlit version. And here it is in it's little spot...

...on it's crooked little lamp base (time for a new one?) paired with one of my favorite images from Provence (photographed by moi in a tiny, little village called Cliousclat; printed on archival fine art  paper).

Trust me...you can do this! You don't have to get fancy with trim and ribbon...just look for a vintage dishtowel or pillowcase with a crocheted edge and you'll have all the detail you need (Anthrolpologie always has neat dishtowels if you want something colorful and new).

Happy lampshade making!
P.S. I'll be back soon with DiY bulletin boards! Started with both projects in one post, but it was way too long!


  1. Okay you convinced me, I need to try this! Looks great!!!

  2. It's fabulous Linsey- great job!!

  3. socute!
    i love the text paper on the inside especially!!
    such a great idea

  4. Oh, this is great. Absolutely love the paper...really adds a special touch.

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  6. you are brave cutting that beautiful monogrammed linen! such a good idea though, my linens are all folded up in the cabinet, so much better to have them out on display all the time and the lampshade is a great way to do it

  7. This is a fabulous idea. I really love it.


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