Easy DiY Bulletin Boards

If you thought the lampshade looked easy, you've got to try this burlap-covered bulletin board! And keep in mind I'm not a big "do-it-yourselfer," so if I can do it, YOU can do it!

Cork Board + Burlap and Trim + Hot Glue Gun = EASIEST DiY EVER!

I like big boards for my girls because the little ones fill up too quickly (and the whole goal is to keep them from taping and pinning things to the walls). I chose a sturdy oak framed board from Office Max ($50 in-store price; mounting hardware included), but you can find less expensive cork panels at Hobby Lobby.

Just in case you need the steps:
  1. Spread the burlap out on the floor.
  2. Lay the cork board face down.
  3. Trim burlap so that you have about 3" excess on all sides.
  4. Glue along the back of the board (not the frame; too slick), pressing the burlap into the glue as you go (careful...burlap has an open weave and the glue is hot!).
  5. Flip the board.
  6. Glue down the trim.
  7. Mount!

You can use more decorative fabrics (toile, gingham, damask), but be ready to apply some serious perfectionism to insure your pattern is nice and straight (remember: perfectionism = frustration). Personally, I prefer burlap. It's forgiving, cheap, and goes with everything (and whatever you choose will be covered up in no time anyway). My advice: focus on the trim. 

What do you think? Are you ready to try one of these? You can do it! And you'll feel so accomplished and crafty when you're finished!

P.S. Some interior-loving blog friends and I have a little event up our sleeves. Can't wait to share it with you soon!


  1. Love your new bulletin boards!
    My girls have floor to ceiling bulletin boards and
    they still tape stuff on their walls and beams
    on their ceilings.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. First I need wall space, then I'll get right on this project. It turned out great and I love your trim! I bet your girls are thrilled. :)

  3. Looks great. Love the trim. Where did you find the burlap? I looked everywhere last fall to make a head for a scarecrow at Halloween. Michaels had tiny sheets of it....but nothing of this size.

  4. Glick has large bolts of burlap ($4.95/yard). Hobby Lobby has smaller bolts, but this one covered the entire width or length of the board...gotta love that!

  5. What a great project! I plan on making tons of these if I ever have a little girl. it would also make a great birthday persent :)

  6. My girls and I are going to make these for their rooms! Everyone is so excited!!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and guidance! We are at Office Max right now! :)


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