I feel a nesting phase coming on...big time. You know the kind...scavenge for new things (can't wait for Urban Market), rearrange the things you have, get rid of the things you don't need or love...so fun! But for a few more weeks, I've got to keep the urge locked up in it's little cage and stay focused on this kind of nesting:

These little nests have been best sellers since I introduced them five years ago. And I have a feeling the new lavender is going to be a close second if I can get them printed and packaged in time for a Spring Open House! [Note: I only sell pre-printed card sets like these at my Open Houses or straight out of my studio, but you can personalize any design in my online shop.]

One client just picked up an order of personalized lavender memo pads and plans to tie a small tube of this lavender hand creme to each one.

What a lovely idea! Or you could pick up a little lavender happy from one of my favorites, Essencia. Just the thought of lavender anything puts me back in Provence...and nudges me that much closer toward feathering my nest (which is as Provence-like as my budget and time can allow it to be)!

But before my personal home nesting phase can begin, there's a big decision I need to make: to do or not to do my annual Spring Open House? Lots of new designs printed on $10-25 gift items...but I meant to do it in April, and here it is May! Too late for Mother's Day, but how about teachers, graduates and summer birthdays (since I'm closed for the summer)? Thoughts? Too busy? Too late? Those of you in Houston, would you come? I'd love to know! Leave a comment or drop me a line: llh(at)llhdesigns(dot)com.

P.S. If you're in the nesting mood and can't wait on me to get in mine, check out Morning T. She's got a great giveaway that is sure to add some spark to your nest! 


  1. YES!! I will be there if you decide to pull an open house together. :)

  2. I will absolutely be there hehe!!! If I'm not in the middle of studying...oh well, even if I'm in the middle of studying I'll still come!! :)

  3. Just jumped over from Morning T. Your cards are so lovely and {even though I live a zillion miles away and can't come} I'd say go for it. I can't imagine you not selling out like--THAT! Sounds like you and T had a wonderful afternoon, together. It's amazing how we connect with like-minded souls in the blogging world. Happy Mother's Day! xx P&H

  4. First, Happy Mother's Day!!!

    I just found your blog....Thanks to Morning T! :) WOW! Not only did I find your beautiful blog you have introduced me to Feather Nest.....Oh, my heart skipped a beat seeing y'alls beautiful bluebonnet pictures!

    Yes! Please let me know if you host an open house....I would love to come by....You work is wonderful!!!!!


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