Making Cards & Making Beds

A prayer from my seven-year-old daughter on Mother's Day:
"Thank you, God, for my sweet angel Mama....she's good at making cards for people, and when she feels like it, she can even make all of our beds in less than an hour!" 
Isn't she a hoot? I don't know how card making and bed making came together in her mind as two things I'm good at doing, because because bed making isn't my thing...not on a regular basis anyway! (I was the kid who slept on top of the covers and sometimes on the floor to avoid making my bed!). So, precious daughter-o-mine, I'm afraid you've given me far too much credit, especially considering you make your own bed most days! God bless you, child!

But every now and then, the bed fairy shows up (she looks a lot like me!) and does her thing:

I do love a well-dressed bed. And I love the process of piecing it all together (I just wish someone else would make it for me!). My personal preference is to mix different brands for a unique look (keeps your costs down, too, by allowing you splurge here and save there. Happy to share my favorite sources:
  • Bella Notte (totally luxurious; I finally bought a few pieces for my bed!)
  • Pom Pom (love the blue-grey color and embroidered details; very feminine)
  • Pinecone Hill ("boutique" style for a reasonable price; great coverlets)
  • Pottery Barn (velvet euro shams fill in for headboards)
  • PB Teen (cheerful pink & green floral duvets)
  • Anthropologie (unique, vintage-looking bedskirt)
  • Target (ruffled Rachel Ashwell sheets + tulle canopy)
Happy bed making!
P.S. Stay tuned for news of my Spring Open House. I think it's a go (next week!). Thanks for the encouragement and lovely words, Morning T. Your enthusiasm was just what I needed!


  1. Here's to making three beds in less than an hour AND having gorgeous results such as yours! Wowee my friend, I'm certainly impressed and I want your headboard!

  2. PS~ this is crazy but Susie from Bievenue (on my blog roll) just posted today about making her own Ballard inspired headboard sign similar to yours, it's great!

  3. I am so tahnkful that Morning T sent you over. Now I have some catching up to do on your blog. It is beautiful!!!! I love your headboard too ;)
    What a sweet little prayer...made my heart smile~ xoxox Susie

  4. Geez I cant even spell this morning..hehe

  5. love the prayer and love the beds!

  6. love the prayer!! LF is too cute hehe! :) hope your mother's day was fab!!

  7. I just read your post Linsey and love it! You guys always have the prettiest beds and LF's prayer is pretty adorable!

  8. Oh! I also just remembered another bedding company I love. It's children's bedding but still so cute, http://www.serenaandlily.com/

  9. i love your beds..when i visited your house i thought your use of that ballard plaque was genius..and your girls rooms are perfect! love that bench at the end of the bed too..and GOOD PICTURES...thanks for sharing..great post!

  10. beautiful beds...LOVE your master!

  11. I love your bed...I am going to remake mine...with the duvet folded at the end like yours. It's pulled all the way up and just looks lumpy (even though the pattern is pretty--cream with soft blue embroidery). Love you blog.
    Mary Ann


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