Interior Design...Photoshop Style!

Don't you just love curling up with a good book or magazine? I do...especially when the cover is as lovely as this one:

{House Beautiful, June 2010}

{a better look; click to enlarge}

I'm drawn to the soft color palette, the mix of natural textures and the understated elegance of the overall decor. "Barefoot-in-cashmere feeling" is how the magazine describes it. Mmm...love the sound of that! 

A kitchen shot from the same house:

Lots of very "in" things going on here: pendant lights (a relaxed feel), light cabinets with a dark island (I've got the same look going, but in a more French style), and John Robshaw fabric (is it just me or is name everywhere these days?). And my favorite detail...

...the scalloped edge on the window shade. (Note the extra width of the shade: from cabinet to cabinet instead of the usual "window only" coverage). 

And who can resist a gorgeous master bedroom photo? Take a good look, because I'm about to change it up on you.

I love the sheer, white bed canopy and the vaulted, weathered wood ceiling (gorgeous window treatment, too), but I couldn't help but wonder what the room would look like with this lantern:

{very French indeed!}

And this lamp:
(I've always wanted to use it in my own home!)

 So I did a little Photoshop magic...and voilĂ !

{altered by LLH}

That was fun! What do you think? Are you a fan of the original or the altered version? There's no right or wrong answer...just have fun with this! (I'm not 100% satisfied with my revisions, but I'll wait until you've left your comments before I say more!) 

And while you're studying the two bedroom images, can you spot the third thing I changed? 

Have fun!  

UPDATE (5.29.2010): Now that a few of you have left your own thoughts, I owe you mine!
  • Photoshop Trick #1: I absolutely, hands-down prefer the Wisteria lantern over the original one. I'm sure the original is very nice ($$$), but it just doesn't feel right to me (kinda grandma-looking and not authentic enough for the weathered ceiling...in my humble opinion). The Wisteria lantern gives the room more of a French feel, which I love. 
  • Trick #2: I love the open Wisteria lamp base and have always wanted to try it in my own home, but the designer may have been right to put a chunkier base next to the open, airy bed...just to ground things a bit. But I go back and forth on that (mostly because I don't love the original lamp base).
  • Trick #3: The orange RAIN JACKET at the foot of the bed just had to go! Had it been a throw or a scarf, fine...but who leaves a rain jacket lying around on the day of a big photo shoot?!?!? 
Hope you had fun with this. I know I did! I may have to try some of these fun tricks on my own home someday! 


  1. That is the sweetest little border on the kitchen shade. Just love it. Of course now that is on the list of things I must have in my own little house!

  2. I just bought this issue as well and am so excited to finally have time to kick back and read it (likely not until I'm on the airplane Saturday am). I much prefer your edits and love the fixtures you've chosen. You're a sneaky lady but I can see that you've pulled out the orange throw on the bench as your third edit.
    Great post!

  3. Good eye, T, but guess what...it's a RAIN JACKET! That's why I absolutely could not leave it in the photo. I mean really...who leaves a rain jacket lying around on the day of a big photos shoot?!?! An attempt to make the house look more lived in? Or to add a pop of color in this otherwise serene room? What do you think?

  4. I spy a small vase of yellow-ish flowers on the other side of the bed. Perhaps they were trying to pull the pops of color together? Too much color for me, I like it simple. The blue floors are enough color.

  5. house beautiful is one of my faves, too! that lantern you found is beautiful -- much better than the first. I spied what i thought was the orange throw, too. fun post!

  6. Girly...You KNOW I likes YOUR style!!!! - Love You...J ;-)

  7. tee hee. i know the answer! you are so funny. i LOVE the wooden vaulted ceiling in that MBR. hmmmmm....ideas for my new house? xoxo

  8. great job..love that bedroom..so jealous of your photoshop skillz!

  9. The ceiling in the bedroom is amazing...and I think your lantern fits better in there...and I actually like the table lamp you chose too...both those things seem to go better with the beds lines.

  10. I love your changes, it is so fun to see it both ways!

  11. UGH!
    i would SERIOUSLY be hard-pressed to ever leave this room if it were mine! i'm not usually a fan of the canopy bed, but that.is.gorgeous! it feels very tropical. i can almost feel the breeze just looking at the picture...

  12. Oh I like your revisions a lot...esp. the lantern! And I am very envious of your photoshop skills...I am hopeless!

  13. I love photoshop! I also love the changes you made. The rain jacket didn't bother me, but the two lights you swapped out are genius!


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