"National Card and Letter Writing Month" Part Deux

"National Card and Letter Writing Month" has struck a chord, so a "part deux" post is certainly in order! I'm inspired to write more already, especially after reading the comments at the end of my last post. Did you get a chance to read them? If you read nothing else today, read these comments. So inspiring!  Thank you for sharing your stories!

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That hardly counts as a real note because it's not sealed, stamped and hand-delivered, but there's something about the handwritten part that instantly conveys more warmth, don't you think?

Charles Swindoll says this about handwritten notes:
There is nothing quite like the charm and personal touch conveyed by a handwritten note. Since our penmanship, like our fingerprint, is altogether unique, each curve of the letter or stroke of the pen bears its own originality. There is personality and warmth and, yes, special effort too; for, after all, it's much more efficient to click on the PC, bang out a few lines on the keyboard....But, occasionally, it's nice to think some still care enough to throw efficiency to the winds and look you right in the eye with the harmonious movement of their thoughts and fingers.
If illegible, unattractive or uneven handwriting is your excuse for avoiding handwritten notes, consider this:
The meaning and expression your fingers add to your words is worth all the effort, regardless of how poor your penmanship may be.(Excerpts from Charles Swindoll's Day by Day devotional.)
Time for the fun stuff...GIVEAWAYS! In honor of handwritten over electronic, I handwrote all of your names, put them in a pot and drew one lucky winner the old-school way:

Brooke! I'm so glad you won because I've been wondering which Brooke you are! I loved your comment (and the vision of a suitcase full of love letters). Send me an email so we can discuss which design you'd like: llh(at)llhdesigns(dot)com.

SECOND GIVEAWAY: Two sets of my favorite "just because" cards printed on watercolor paper.

A friend who I recently surprised with some bird nest cards called to say, "I love how pretty and fun to use they are! It makes me want to write a note to friends for no reason at all when I'd usually just send an email!" That's EXACTLY why I design things like this...to make you want to write!

TO ENTER: Just leave a comment at the end of this post by Sunday, April 18th. Long, short...anything will do! If it's handwritten note related, that's all the more fun, but not required. Have fun! (Note: you have to be reading online instead of in your email to leave a comment.)

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  1. YEAH I WON! :) Linsey, it is me Brooke Ferenchak Brahim baflaw@hotmail.com

  2. I have a book called Gift of a Letter by Alexandra Stoddard. In it, she too extols the virtues of a hand-written note. It is like receiving a present. I also love fountain pens and unusual ink colors such as fuchsia! Sometimes they get clogged or my fingers get smudged, but a good fountain pen flows so smoothly across the page.

  3. I am so excited you've extended the contest!!! I get to leave a post and hope I get drawn!

    I just want to thank you for making handwritten notes they tend to say so little when given but mean so much when gotten!

    Claire Shisler

  4. I love receiving and writing letters, but I must say that living overseas does make me very thankful for email. It would have been hard 20 years ago to live so far away from loved ones with such slow communication. I'll take a handwritten note over email any day, but I will say I'm grateful for both.

  5. lins - you rock. you have such a way of making people feel special and making simple things beautiful. you don't have to put me in your contest since i'm your sister. just wanted to tell you i love you! perhpas i should send it in a letter....

  6. One fun thing I do in my note writing is when addressing the envelope, I first pick out a pretty stamp, then I use inks that match the color scheme of the stamp and envelope to write the name and address. It makes more fun for me and hopefully for the recipient.

  7. As a teenager in such an electronic world, it is always SO nice to receive a letter! I think the handwritten note is all the more powerful now because of the fact that email is used most often. The smile that comes to my face when I receive a handwritten note (usually mine come from my sweet grandmother) is irreplaceable. Her penmanship is so noticeable and just the envelope addressed to me makes my heart flutter with excitement. I thank her for keeping the handwritten letter alive in my life! I hope I can keep it alive in someone else's!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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