National Card and Letter Writing Month

All of the sudden, I love April! I just discovered it's "National Card and Letter Writing Month" (thanks to a quick flip hrough Country Living Magazine). I don't know who invented the idea (a fledgling US Post Office or a savvy stationery designer?), but I'm going to celebrate all month long (keep reading for my first giveaway of the month)!

Don't you just love real mail? Remember when checking the mail was the highlight of your day? Especially when a love letter arrived! Do boys even write those anymore?

I've saved every single word my husband has ever written me. We met over Thanksgiving my senior year in college, were engaged two and half months later (can you believe it?) and with email in its infancy and long-distance phone bills costly, we relied on cards and letters to make it through the long-distance part of our engagement. What a treasure those words are to me!

And then there are the notes from friends. They say, "I care" and "you matter" in a way that modern communication just can't do.

With letter-writing becoming a lost art, it's worth keeping the really good ones. They tell a story of a time and place in your life that you may have forgotten. Simply the sight of familiar handwriting evokes powerful emotions.

I didn't even have to read the words to feel loved when I opened these two cards. The handwriting is unmistakably my Granny's. Oh, how I miss her. These cards were for my birthday...sent to me my freshman and senior year in college. I wish I had kept everything she ever wrote me, but at least I have these (and in them the memory of a remarkable woman).

And then there are the cards your children make for you...

If these were all I had in my letter-saving box, I'd feel full. How about you? Do you save cards and letters? Have you looked at them lately? If it's been awhile, this is the perfect month to sit down, hold real paper in your hands and remember how good it feels, even years later, to read hand-written notes.

In honor of "Card and Letter Writing Month," I'll be giving away cards and stationery all month long! FIRST GIVEAWAY: a set of personalized notecards (with a design of your choice)!

To enter, simply leave a comment by Sunday, April 11 telling me about your card and letter-saving habits. Do you have a favorite? How long have you kept it? Who wrote it? What do you love about it? Any little thing you want to say about saving hand-written notes will do!

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  1. Elise MuellerApril 07, 2010

    Okay Linsey...I am posting a comment in public, which is so unlike me, because I love your stationery and you and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to hand written notes. I have a box for all my kids and I save cards from special people in our lives...mostly to preserve the handwriting at this point since they are so young and the card may just simply say, "I love you....Nana and Papa." Two of their great-grandparents have passed away and I love having their writing to go with the many pictures I have of my kids with their great-grandparents.

    My letter box is overflowing and I love looking back at even high school letters, folded in the shape of a triangle...I don't think I remember how we did that :)?? There are lots of good laughs when reading what friends wrote during those years. And, letters between Jonathan and I are dear to my heart...and fun to see how our relationship developed and deepened over the years.

    One of my most treasured notes is from my dad. Since my dad is not one to express his emotion, everything he has written me is a treasure. The one particular card that still brings tears to my eyes is a yellow, glittery star that says how proud he is of me, not just for some things I had done, but for some of the decisions I had made. We all long for the love and approval of our father and that card meant so much to me when he gave it to me in high school and even now. How great that we have our Heavenly Father's word to turn to daily as His love letter to us.

    Whenever I reread letters I've saved, they bring back memories, make me laugh, sometimes make me cry, encourage me, but mostly they remind me of the gift of friendship and relationships. What a difference we can make in another's life when we say what we feel...and everyone loves flipping through the mail and seeing a card addressed to them :).

  2. Hey Linsey, I am going to post too...it is rare that I do anything handwritten these days - and find that my hands cramp after a few sentences when i could type for hours- but I have two people with whom my friendship and love has grown and blossomed through the written word. First, my husband. We were long distance for a period of our relationship and we wrote to each other every single day. Sometimes on sweet cards, sometimes on magazine article, but without fail, daily, we wrote our hearts. This was during the time of email and texting and free international calling, but there has never been a more thrilling moment then when I opened my mail box and instead of one delivery from my beloved I would get two or three. I know our love bloomed from the freedom we gave each other in expressing ourselves through writing. We have those letters in an old leather suitcase. We open it time to time and just marvel at how many pages and how many words and if we were to only count the number of I Love you s we would be fed for a month or more :) Even now, together in marriage, I find it interesting that we often iron things out by getting down to the basics and expressing our feeling through written words....

    My best friend from high school and I talk monthly or more....but I dont think we have spoken on the phone more than 2x in 15 or more years. Before kids, we would write our hearts and history in letters...each one was a creative masterpiece in its expression....not just in the thoughts, but the choice of paper, color of pen, mood of the moment doodle...sometimes even a sticker or two...I went through a phase of only writing on postcards and she thought me so brave for putting my words naked to the world....we still write but more often by email...but every once in a while...we still put the pen to paper and write a chapter of our thoughts....she shares pages of the diary of her life and I do the same, in a way that email or technology can never transmit.

  3. Oh my goodness...these are the best-ever comments! Thanks for sharing your words, your memories and your hearts. You've inspired me BIG TIME today! How blessed your loved ones are to be on the receiving end of your letters. Keep it up!

  4. Guess what? I have a whole folder of cards and letters from you over the years. Someday you may enjoy going through them and remembering just as I do now.

  5. When you move 7 times in 5 years as I did, you start getting rid of "extras." I purged tons of notes, letters, etc. at some point but decided to keep postcards. And now that I have children, it has turned out to be the solution to the gift store issue when on vacation - we allow them to purchase a postcard for the "collection." Something about them - their bright pictures? Sturdy construction? Or is it the fact that I've allowed myself to save them?

  6. i love, love, love this post, and all the comments.
    i have a special place in my heart for handwriting in all it's forms--and you're right about 'familiar handwriting'. i can recognize Grandma, dad, mom, YOUR mom--how i love her left-handed loopy wonderful script!-my mom's messy mix of capital and lowercase, my best friend...all of them i can see immediately on paper and there is nothing like it.
    i love saving these things :)
    love you!!

  7. Geyer DybeslandApril 08, 2010

    Linsey, I have always been a letter writer...though 3 children has slowed me down considerably! However, my favorite letters are from my husband - we met at the end of my junior year, literally 3 weeks after our first date, he went home to Norway. It was still really expensive to call overseas so we wrote each other. I wrote him every 2-3 days...I got 11 letters from him that summer...the 3rd one written on a paper beer coaster with writing spiraling around the the edge, started off with "You are really something special, I have never even written my parents 3 letters in my whole life!" For some reason, I just laughed and laughed...but those letters were so wonderful, especially because I knew that he wasn't a letter writer...and the next summer, when he went to Cambridge to study? I wrote him every day and some times twice. Ahhhh, love letters!

  8. Written letters for me involve memories of two people. I wrote Gary everyday when we were still dating. Of course, I love the letters that we wrote each other. I even bought an album that was dusty pink that was entitled "Music to write Love Letters By." I am sure that I still have it. But perhaps the greater memory is that my dad would take the letter across town to the post office (or the PO as my mother always called it) to be mailed each night in time for the last pick up. At the time I guess I just expected him to do this. Now, I realize that he was doing something special just for me. You have caused me to recall a really special time...sitting in my room on my pink satin bedspread writing to my boyfriend with my album playing in the background. The other day my husband kissed me good night and said do you realize that the first time I ever kissed you, you were 15. Now, I am 60. Perhaps it is time for more love letters. I might have to write about this on my blog. Thanks for the memories.

  9. You've saved every letter that he's ever written you? I am so jealous. I have not been as "organized" since Ryan and I have been together... and I hate to say it, I'm not sure where the majority of his letters are (that makes me sad).

    Ryan's 98 year old grandmother has continually reminded me how important it is to correspond via pen and paper. If we don't continue to practice this art, it may one day become obsolete. That would be tragic.

    Thank you for your blog. I love reading what you have to say.

  10. Yes, I too have saved boxes of correspondence from loved ones over the years. My most cherished are those from family members who are no longer with us. My grands, my husbands grands, aunts and uncles, and especially my mother. Seeing her script brings her sweet spirit right to me.

    When I was in college, my grandmother would often send me a card with encouraging words and a $5 dollar bill!. Looking in the dorm mail box and seeing her writing was always a thrill because when I was away at college five dollars was a big deal.

    The box of "love letters" from my husband is the best as he continues to add to it on special occasions and sometimes just because we still have a spark after 27 years!

    And ever since I joined the Houston Calligraphy Guild, I receive some of the most beautifully written envelopes that are truly works of art.

    Linsey, this was a really fun topic. Thank you!

  11. Oh my gosh, I'm just in time to enter this lovely giveaway! I found this blog entry through the Letters & Journals blog.

    Letter-saving habits... well, I am rather disorganized. Letters from my husband, throughout the years we've known each other (they go back WAY before we were ever dating!) are in a special leather-covered box. Other letters are in a mish-mash of bins, shopping bags, and boxes. I used to have an elaborate and organized system of saving them in various boxes, sorted by date and recipient, but when our house flooded in a hurricane a number of years ago, I lost all those. I haven't really been motivated to organize them since then, but I really should!

  12. Thanks, Linsey! I save my letters in a boxes with lids that I get at Michael's. I have a few select letters that are exceptionally special that I keep in a pink folder that I blogged about a few months ago (with a picture).

  13. I love reading everyone's comments on how they corresponded with their now-husbands. Bret and I were just sharing with some dear friends of how Bret and I sent each other letters over an entire summer after our freshman year of college. They were baffled that we would correspond that way. I was living at my grandparents for the summer and he was a camp counselor at Alpine. I saved all those letters and treasure them. I too, like Elise saved all my notes from HS which were shaped in triangles and hearts. But, when I moved away to college, my Dad's housekeeper used several of them (for craft projects) or threw them out. I was really upset and my dad didn't seem to understand why. All of you do, though!

    I have a special box where I keep each letter that Bret gives me for anniversaries, birthdays, etc that my camp girls made for me when I was a camp counselor at Ozark. Those letters are the most special as he used to write poems frequently which I love re-reading 9 years of marriage later!

  14. i keep almost all of my letters and special birthday cards in a box, actually several boxes. someday, maybe there will be a rhyme or reason, but right now, i just enjoy coming across the boxes and re-reading the letters :)

  15. awesome post! i also have a box full of letters from ben throughout our dating/engagement. he was in london for a lot of that time and, man, was it painful to have to wait for those letters. i sure do treasure them now, and i'm so thankful that i have them to help me remember that time. just reading them puts me back in that place with those same feelings.

    i loved what you wrote about seeing the familiar handwriting of a loved one -- so precious and so true. it's like there is still a part of them with you after they are gone.

    i'd been mulling over the idea of a similar post and you've inspired me to get on it!


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