Finding Reasons To Write a Note

Here we are half way through "National Card and Letter Writing Month" and I'm completely addicted. I've always enjoyed sending notes for no reason at all, but I think I may break a record this month! I'm having such fun listening to my heart and trying to take the time to share bits and pieces of it with those the Lord puts in my path or brings to my mind.

Last week, I ran into a girl I've known for quite a while, but I don't think I've ever spent a full hour talking to her...and in a chilly parking garage of all places! What a GIFT she was to me that day, and I wanted to tell her so.


Usually, I'd fire off a quick "Loved seeing you! Made my day!" email, and I'm sure that would have been fine, but taking the time to put a few heart-felt sentences down on paper (I'm a paper snob...must be heavy-weight and cottony feeling) added such substance to my sentiments. And each time I seal an envelope (the old fashioned lick-and-stick way), it feels like I'm sealing a little gift...a gift that says, "you're worth it!"

And then there are the simple pleasures of peeling and sticking a stamp (not the liberty bell kind...so not cute) and slipping that little gift into the mail slot! Such a satisfying feeling!

So how about you, Dear Reader...what inspires you to send a handwritten note? I'd love to know! Leave a comment at the end of this post by Sunday, April 18, and you might win two sets of my favorite watercolor cards. Want two chances to win? Leave a comment below and on my last post!

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  1. Katt StaplesApril 15, 2010


    I loved reading your blog and like you, I love to drop little notes in the mail or send out a nice, heartfelt thank you card to a friend. I have friends here in CA that say I am definitely Southern because I unable to go without sending a thank you card for a gift - a blessing to be from TX.

    Funny that you posted this today, as I was just reorganizing the house and came across my trunk of old letters and cards from Brett, friends and family. I loved reading them and recalling such happy memories from high school to today. Then I found myself thinking how saddened I am that my kids will not understand the value of the hand written note. Our world has become too virtual.

    I love addressing cards, hoping my handwriting comes out just how I want it, I love putting them on the mailbox for the mailman - just smile hoping that whomever I just sent the card to knows how much I love them.

    It is refreshing to have someone like you, so passionate about this topic, running her own card business. Totes!

  2. I, too, love sending a card or letter. And there is just something so refreshing about receiving on in the mail!

  3. This evening I am about to send a note to a dear friend telling her what an inspiration of a mother she is. Thanks for reminding me how much I love writing and receiving letters!

  4. I used to write notes/letters, but like so many others I've fallen victim to the quick/easy e-mail. Thanks to you, dear girl, I've written several notes, on LLH stationery of course, this week to let someone know I was thinking of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Sending notes, especially "Thank You"s, are part of our family traditions. Fortunately, my husband was raised with the habit of handwritten thank you notes so it has been painless for our high schooler to follow along.
    All of our relatives live out of state, so he is also used to writing birthday and holiday cards for his cousins and grandparents.

  6. Linsey,

    I forgot to mention The Graceful Envelope Contest. It is held annually by the Washington DC Calligraphy Guild and the deadline for entries is April 30th. They accept entries from two age groups of children and adults. It is fun to look at their website and see past winners. Enjoy.

  7. This week I've been looking around for more reasons to write a note! Because I know what joy it can bring to someone to receive a little something in the mail, especially on those tough days!! Kind words always do the trick -- especially if they're handwritten on a beautiful card! :)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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