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I'm loving your votes on the lavender note card, but I just have to interrupt our "National Card and Letter Writing Month" theme to tell you about Feather Nest Photography. Surely a good photograph ranks right up there with a hand written note!

I'll start with this funny email from the photographer herself, sent late last night:
SUBJECT: You! Blogged!
MESSAGE: Run! Don't hurt yourself getting to the computer! ;)
My heart was laughing and fluttering as I dashed over to the Feather Nest Blog and waited for the images to download (they are much larger and more glorious on her site).

OH. MY. GOODNESS. My precious girls!!!

The four of us...

...the two of us...

...and a few sweet
mommy moments.

Click HERE to view more images and read the nicest words anyone could ever blog about my little family. (Thank you, Allison. I'm feeling ten feet tall right about now!). Take your time on her blog, Dear Reader. I'll still be here.


One hour in Allison's presence makes it obvious that her talent flows from a genuine, passionate, fun-loving heart! She'll make you laugh, make you forget your awkwardness in front of camera, make you feel like a million bucks...all that while skillfully using her camera, the light, her surroundings and sometimes a creative prop (like the antique bed and Anthrolologie couch) to capture the moment. Allison Parker, you have definitely "found your lampshade" in life (click here and here if I lost you on the lampshade thing; it's worth reading). I'm just thankful to have found you!


Despite my passion for photography, this was our first-ever family photo session. I know...that's some major pressure to put on Allison, but she nailed it! I've taken some priceless photographs of my girls over the years, but when it came to stepping out from behind the camera and sitting in front of it, I had all of the usual excuses: too expensive (we were broke when they were babies), too hard to choose (I admire several photographers in town), too hard to coordinate outfits (don't even get me started), too many missing teeth or half-grown-in funny teeth....

But friends, don't wait. Please give yourself the biggest gift EVER and schedule a photo shoot for the whole family. With Allison...or Cindy...or Ali...or Jenny...or whoever it is in your neck of the woods that is passionate about capturing the unique spirit of your family. And once you've got it scheduled, stick to it (unless someone is visibly ill). Don't worry about the real-life flaws that will inevitably pop up just before the big moment - scrapes, bruises, stained white jeans (thanks to my inability to use a steam iron, I actually created stains on my otherwise clean jeans just moments before leaving the house!).

Here's one thing I know for sure: you'll never get these years back. Capture the moment....BE in the moment. It's worth every penny.

Updated 4.21.10 - I just had to come back and add this one. It's my favorite today...because it's so genuine...and because it's what I so often see in real life (minus the lovely wildflowers!). 


  1. These are stunning! How wonderful to have such gorgeous family pictures. Your girls are lovely - I love their dresses!

  2. Gorgeous GORGEOUS pictures Linsey. What a treasure to have these moments so beautifully captured. You know what is seriously bizarre! I have followed a cancer research foundation and your photographer was providing her services to raise money along with others. I looked at a couple of the photographers websites (I like to blog surf while I am working and on hold on the phone) and loved hers so much that I emailed it to my friend to admire here in St. Maarten who does photography as a hobby. Small world huh! I thought Feather Nest was just brilliant...from the stories she tells through her photographs, the settings and props she picks, to the music she chose for her website (bc I have the same cd for my kids). And literally a week later my old friend from Vanderbilt has had her family portraits done. Craziness.

  3. That IS wild, Brooke! I love how small the world can be! I, too, found Feather Nest while blog surfing and couldn't believe it when I discovered she lived only 45 minutes from me (vs. half way across the country where I'd never get to use her)!

  4. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures of uyour family and their source. Your now have physical proof of the magic you live each day with your family.

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder that I need to schedule our family portrait.

  5. Oh, my. Love the ones on the couch! We'll have to have some taken like that sometime.

  6. OMG!!! I love these!!! Hallie and LF look soooo cute!!!

  7. hee, hee, it's kind of fun to read comments about yourself when no one thinks you're reading! I love seeing what you liked. I know you will treasure these. I'm so happy to know you:o) - Allison

  8. Wow, these photos are priceless. And, your advice is good. I've had the same hesitation about professional photographs for our family. Now I am feeling motivated. Shoot, makes me want to fly to Texas she's so good. You have a beautiful family!

  9. Hello! Allison actually turned me on to your blog! She is a friend of mine. That white iron bed in the photos is actually mine. It is so fun to see it in such beautiful pictures!!! You have a lovely family!! I am planning on attending the Mini Design Flea with Allison on Saturday. I look forward to meeting you!!

  10. I love the bed photos! Thanks for loaning it her!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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