The Spring Break That Almost Wasn't

Our much-anticipated, eagerly-awaited road trip to Frankin, Tennessee...was a no-go. Frown. Furrow. Grumble.

My husband was in the mood for a road trip. I was in the mood to revisit my old stomping ground (I went to church in Franklin during my four years at Vanderbilt and always ate homemade biscuits and jam at Dotson's...real country cookin' where they let me "pay next time, honey" when I didn't have enough cash). My girls wanted an adventure. And our whole family was in the mood for some small-town, countrified living...or at least a week-long "pretend version."

But tree pollen won. Spring Fever became a literal fever...and a sinus infection...and an ear ache. So the days that were supposed to be spent cruising up the Natchez Trace and into Franklin...were spent here...at home...with me using more kleenex than I've ever used in my life!  

Don't get me wrong, I'm the ultimate homebody and love my house, but I struggle with expectations...and struggle with an attitude adjustment when they aren't met. I'm working on it, but this side of heaven, it sure is hard to get a handle on this flaw-o-mine! 

But my superhero husband came through. It didn't look pretty at first glance, but it was quite the adventure. I have stories to tell and a few pictures to share, but for now...I need a kleenex and a clearer head!

Stay tuned, friends-o-mine!


  1. Hey Linsey-- I saw this on facebook.. too bad you didn't get to Franklin. If you ever get to come again, please email or call me. We live in Franklin and I would love to see you. You are also more than welcome to stay with us. Please take care. Sara Oberlin Thomas

  2. I can't believe you live in Franklin! My cute little freshman year hall-mate from Michigan (right?) now living in Franklin! What a fun surprise!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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