The Perils of Too Much

They say too much of a good thing...isn't good. Really? I guess I like to find things out the hard way...or the stubborn way. I prefer to think of myself as highly focused, dedicated and hard working, but it's time I call a spade a spade: I'm stubborn, and now I'm paying for it.

Have you ever torn the meniscus (aka "cartilage") in your knee? Hurts, right? That's what my hip feels like today. Big time ouch. I wish I could blame it on some athletic prowess...like all of those years I spent hurling fast balls, slinging curve balls and spinning change-ups. After all, I did have to drag and snap my right hip in some pretty crazy ways to get a ball to move around the plate so precisely.

Here I am staring down the batter.
[Actually, I never made eye contact...just studied the way
she stood at the plate and picked my pitch. Maybe I'll show
you some crazy looking action shots some day!]

But softball isn't to blame...at least not entirely. The way I sit at my computer (all twisted up, curled up and goofed up) for way too many hours at a time is to blame. All of this excitement over new designs and setting up my online stationery shop has had me glued to my computer with very little interruption. Some days, I even forgot to eat...very weird for my food loving self!

But I've got one hugely amazing thing going for me with this hip funk. I'm married to the most amazing sports injury specialist in the world:

He calls himself a "body mechanic. " Patients call him a "magician." Whatever he is, he's doing what God made him to do and is doing it well. And if I do what the good doc tells me to do, I'll be pain free in no time (because yes, he fixes funky sitting injuries, too!). Thanks in advance, Dr. H!

So today, I'll watch his little posture awareness video (notice his smile as he teaches), try really hard to sit correctly, and take more breaks...looking for the joy in this day. Because I do know this...you can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to joy!

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  1. oooh. mufasa! i am quivering thinking of that change up! and that rise ball! can i blame my shoulder woes on the time you hit me with a pitch? :)
    no, i think that, too, is a result of stubbornness. must be genetic.


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