Online Stationery Shop GRAND OPENING!

I'm thrilled to announce the official opening of the LLH Designs Online Stationery Shop! To celebrate, I'm offering a 15% discount on all stationery orders between now and April 15! Just enter the code SPRING15 when you check out.

Here's what's the online shop offers you:
  • lots of new designs and great color combinations
  • an easier way to view each design 
  • a shopping cart (it's so fun to fill a cart with pretty things!)
  • safe credit card payment
  • shipping or local pick up (saves you added cost and time)
Here's what hasn't changed:
  • personal attention...it's still the same passionate, creative, personal me on the other end of the computer, and that will never change!
  • quality...everything is still produced "boutique-style," never mass produced
  • prices...despite the added credit card fees on my end, all prices are the same on your end
Happy shopping! It's the only time of year I offer a stationery discount (and I close for a couple months in the summer), so now's the time to stock up on your favorite paper goods! As always, feel free to share the discount with your friends.

P.S. I'll still handle cards, invitations and announcements the old fashioned way (online order forms) since they are a bit more custom. To find out more about those items, visit me at www.LLHdesigns.com.  

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  1. looks awesome!! your hard work shows!


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