A Fun and Flattering Little Quiz

Want to add a little playfulness and flattery to your day in only a few seconds? Click here to take a quick "patternality" test (not paternity as I thought at first glance!) from Liberty of London.

Here are my results:

Love the pattern and am flattered by what it says about me (you should seriously give this quiz a try!). And wouldn't you know it...I bought this binder before I even took the quiz!

Not exactly sure what these patterns say about me:

That I'm a wild woman with a sudden overdose of bright color and bold florals? Talk about serious wardrobe shock for an otherwise plain jane closet full of solids!

I couldn't picture myself in any of these patterns, but when your sweet sister fills her cart to the brink of insanity and hand-delivers such well-priced fashions to your doorstep, you've got to give it a try! Here we go:

Yikes! My youngest daughter's expression in that first photo captures the way I felt! Ah, much more comfortable with my girls as my cover-up! Boldness is acquired in baby steps, right?

So...what's your "patternality?" Is it you? Any new favorite bold colors or patterns for spring?

P.S. I've always referred to my personal design style as "simple elegance," but in my new stationery shop, you'll find a little more "punch" in my colors. Maybe my patternality test nailed it: "subdued exuberance??!?"


  1. mines is, ironically, your favorite! sixty....it says i am a freespirit. hmmm...shocker!

  2. Well then...the binder blends the two of us beautifully!

  3. You have obviously passed on your loveliness to your kidlets! Such beautiful girls in fancy patterns. I think they look great.

    Excited to go through your wares...you are talented at what you do.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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