Dress Forms + Paper = Fashion Fun

I'm calling it "Cobbler's Wife Syndrome." My youngest daughter's birthday is at the tail-end of our back-to-back birthday bonanza, and I just plain and simple ran out of time to design her invitation. So...(insert a grumble, gasp or sigh)...I went online and sent a cute but unoriginal email invitation. Ugh! At least I Photoshopped like a pro.

I know the online invitation is popular in today's digital age, but I love paper, I love real mail, I love the way a custom invitation sets the tone for the party, and for crying out loud...this is my business! Cobbler's Wife Syndrome at its best.

Time to move on. Real life happens. But what exactly is a FASHION PARTY anyway? I don't do hair, makeup or nails (one look at me makes any attempt at those things seem silly), but what else is there?

I turned to my birthday girl for inspiration. She loves fashion, and in her mind, that means mixing and matching clothes in fun ways. So here you have it: my daughter's fashion sense mixed with my design and printing skills.

This design was inspired by the popular dress form...
only this one is just right for children. Flat chested!

And this one was inspired by
an Anthropologie dress I'd love to own!

After printing these hand-drawn "design your own" dress forms on cardstock, I enjoyed the therapeutic, simple task of cutting fashions from my favorite children's catalog, Mini Boden.
My daughter loves to cut (who doesn't)...
especially when I let her use sharp scissors!
Next step...sorting.
Because organization makes everything better!

For the Anthropologie-inspired dress, I reminded the girls that colored pencils are what "real" designers use and provided an abundant supply of brand new ones. Let the fashion designing begin!

And since I deprived those ten precious girls the thrill of receiving real mail on the front end, and because I still believe in the hand-written thank you note above all else (Thanks, Mom!), I'll print some stationery.  that my daughter's big handwriting and cute mis-spellings will fill beautifully!

 My daughter's big, uneven handwriting and cute misspellings will fill these beautifully!


  1. what a precious party -- great idea! and the invite looks great -- love those pictures at the bottom. i know how you feel about paper, but sometimes you've just got to get something out!

  2. i loved the dress forms, and i love my LF. perfect party for her. you are truly a perfectionist, linsey lou!
    your girls are lucky to have you...xo


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