Urban Market Time!

I get a little bit giddy every time Urban Market rolls around. Just what a girl needs at the end of a cold and rainy week! I'm especially giddy this time around because an Urban Market legend and co-founder, Maura Cannon, is returning as a vendor with her booth, The Homestretch. When I asked Maura to tell us how to find her, she replied: "I'll have a big pile of cowhides and a handsome dude (Jeff) slinging them around!" If you know Maura, you know what a treat it is to have her back in the saddle again as a vendor. She represents the best in Houston antiques and the VERY BEST in people!

Cowhides may be the best way to find her, but I can assure you that's not all she'll have! Maura always has creative, tasteful and unique objects that will add interest to any room in your home.  I stopped by Heights Antiques on Yale this week (one of my favorite spots...read more here) to give her a hug and sneak a peek at some of the things she might be bringing to market. Here's my iPhone best:

A few shots of her booth at Antiques on Yale.
What used to be The Homestretch is now packed into a little corner, but Maura's good taste, generous spirit and huge talent still shine BIG time!

If you like lighting, Maura has some awesome options, and I know she'll be bringing a good selection to Urban Market.  Here are some snippets:
These fabulous wide-mouthed jars are staples for Maura (and she's supplied plenty of Houston decorators with these over the years), so I'm betting she'll have some for you on Sunday:

One of the many awesome things about Maura is that she doesn't just sell you objects, she gives you ideas and ways to make the object your own. If you buy some of these jars, ask her for ideas on how to use them. Trust me, you'll always be glad you asked Maura for ideas. She has some of the best in town!

And I know someone who needs this:

Ladies and gentlemen (yes, I have a few guy readers...and I love y'all!), if you live in Houston, come on out to Urban Market this Sunday, February 7, between 9 and 4! Of course the outdoor antiquing will be great, but Guys, there's BBQ and yummy fresh-baked cookies (visit the Food & Words tent). What's not to love?!?!

See you there!

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