My First Color Chart

Things are happening over here in the LLH Designs studio! It's been an intensely creative week in the world of stationery design, and I'm almost ready to release my new collection. But perhaps the biggest feat this week is this:

My first ever color chart! It looks like an easy thing to do...and now that I'm finished, I'm wondering why it was so hard to pick a handful of good colors and stick with them.

Oh...I know why! Because I have this crazy obsession with tweaking colors until they can't be tweaked. Crazy as it sounds, this is one obsession that has healthy roots. When I started LLH Designs in 2004, my singular focus was creating custom Christmas cards. I didn't need a color chart (and still don't use one). I just let the client's photo be my guide. Hand selecting colors that bring out the best in the client's photo is one of the little things I do that sets me apart from large card companies, and it's a service I delight in providing to my card clients.

But stationery is a different ball game. More matter-of-fact-ish.

So why create a color chart after all this time? To make it easier for you to know what you you're choosing.

Each color now has a recognizable name inspired by the way I see those colors reflected in God's creation, which means less confusion from one computer screen to another. The color may look slightly different on your screen than mine, but at least you have a name to go with it so that you have a better idea of what to expect on paper.

After all, I wouldn't want you to think my favorite pale blue with gray undertones and a hint of green is a boring ol' gray, so it now has a name: PROVENCE...inspired by things I love in Provence, like this door: 

And these shutters below inspired a lighter, more weathered version of PROVENCE, which I call SEASALT...a nod to the way salty, coastal air subdues a color over time.

Unusual but true: I don't use black or gray in any of my designs unless someone asks for it. What people sometimes mistake for black in my designs is really a deep, rich chocolate brown...which I LOVE in combination with PROVENCE and SEASALT!

I must confess (that's what blogs are for, right?): there are times when a particular design (or a person's age or style) begs for a slight variation, so while my new chart will be my guide (and yours, too), I'll still tweak along the way. I can't help myself when it comes to obsessing over details 99.9% of you would never notice! I'm funny like that. Wink!

P.S. I'm not the color namer for finger nail polish or lipstick! Can you imagine?!?!


  1. I need a brown to throw in with the sea salt!

  2. oooh. love the brown suggestion up above. so happy you are having fun with color - you know i love it! i could live forever with just about any combination of green and blue. throw in a splash of orange or bright pink and i'm a happy camper! keep it up super sis!

  3. I seriously understand you. I go through color agony/bliss every single time I have to specify paint.
    P.S. Sea salt + Deep sea = Lovely


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