Do You Have A Pair?

I couldn't help but notice that the hot item at yesterday's Urban Market wasn't sconces, baskets, pots or pillows (some of my favorite objects for the home). In fact, the hot item wasn't even anything you could buy at an antique market (though I wish I had been there selling them!). The trend of the day: RAIN BOOTS! And not the "don't-look-at-me-I'm-wearing-ugly-rubber-boots" kind of rain boots, but cute, fun and fashionable ones!

I'm no fashion diva, but I did a little research for those of you who want to get in on the rain boot trend. They are WAY cuter than Uggs (a trend I still don't understand) and a fun pair will make you smile on a rainy day!

1. Kamik "Ellie" 2. Hunter "Tall Metallic"
3. Burberry "Check Lace" 4. Stuart Weitzman "Puddles"
5. Sperry "Pelican" 6. Zulima "Bias Plaid"
[1-5 are from nordstrom.com; 6 is from target.com]

I confess, I have a pair (but wasn't wearing them at Urban Market...missed the memo!). My husband gave them to me for my birthday...a fun gift I might not have bought for myself. They were two sizes too big (cute hubby must think I have big feet!), so I headed over to Nordstrom to exchange them when what to my wandering eyes should appear...FIVE lovely ladies buying rain boots in only ten minutes' time!

Don't you think we should start a rain boot business? I bet I could find a way to make some of my stationery designs work on rain boots...maybe?

How about you? Do you have a favorite pair? 


  1. With all of the soggy mess out at the Urban Market yesterday, those cute rain boots were a big hit. I wish I had bought a pair when I saw them at Target on Saturday. "When would I ever wear those?" I asked my son. Famous last words!

  2. I have #3 on your list and i LOVE them! :)

  3. Your #3s are the hippest ones of all! Wink! You inspired me to think more seriously about rain boots! I'm betting rain boots are flying off the shelves at Target!

  4. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have 2 pair. One white with pink flowers I bought a few years ago from Garnet Hill, and one awesome black with tweedy fabric pair that I got on J Crew clearance. They were especially useful when we had our home renovation business and I visited a lot of construction sites, but I find them good for rainy school runs as well!

    Wish I'd worn mine to the Market this weekend, cowboy boots were good but wellies would've been better.


  5. Pam Chamberlain bought a pair in Santa Fe that were styled as cowboy boots. They are awesome.
    Paula Amaon

  6. I'm glad my rain boots make people smile!! :) Love ya Lins!

  7. I need number 3. I don't think this phenomenon has hit DC yet.

  8. Just yesterday I splurged on the hunters in bright red - such an amazing decision! I no longer despair when it is another rainy day in Cambridge MA, I only have to look down and become instantly cheerful! As always you are so right on the money Linsey :)

  9. Abigail, I can totally picture you in happy red boots! I'm dying over a sneak peak from Liberty of London (soon to be released at Target). A small floral pattern with pink soles! Those would be my happy boots!


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