Book Book Love

"You knocked it out of the ballpark!"

When a guy says that after opening his birthday present, you've got to spread the word! To all the wives of hard-to-shop-for-husbands, here's a winner:

My husband flipped. I smiled. Thank you, Twelve South!

The BookBook.

My husband loves the way it feels (soft and leathery); I adore the way it looks (like a real antique). I wouldn't even mind if he left this on the coffee table...or on the bedside...or gave it to me! Tee hee!

As with most clever techie things, this is a "Mac only" product, but don't despair, PC friends. There's another way to make your husband's day the next time you give him a gift:

Wrap your gift in simple brown kraft paper. Grab some colorful markers and write YOU ARE in large letters at the top. Follow it with a running list that tells him all the things he is to you. A few serious thoughts, a few playful ones, but don't forget to throw a little "Respect and Admire" somewhere in there!

P.S. The Lovelies contest was narrowed down to the Top Five in each category today, and thanks to YOU, I am #2 in the paper goods category! Little ol' me! Great big YOU! The contest coordinator made a point to say that she's especially enjoying the comments people are leaving for the lesser known shops. I may be small potatoes, but your comments make me feel huge! Thank you! Voting continues through Feb 28. Be sure to check out the other creative shops while you're there!


  1. Oh Boy! What a great gift. I too have a hard to buy for guy. I hope he doesn't see the Book Book somewhere before his birthday...as I'm sure he would get it for himself.

    And your wrapping paper is just precious.

  2. lins, josh LOVED his! i am beginning to think that whatever you buy for jd, i just follow up with a gift for josh. is that the difference between 3 and 10 years of marriage?? :) thanks for the suggestion! xo

  3. I've got 12 years of marriage under my belt and have only nailed it with a gift two or three times. Funny, but it's all been Mac related. :)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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