Valentine Card Giveaway!

I LOVE cards, and Valentine's Day is a HUGE card day, but after a full-out Christmas card season, I never know if I'll have any creativity left for Heart Day. Some years, I let it pass me by, but this year, when a client asked if I had any new designs (and I didn't), I felt a sudden urge to go all out and had a LOT of fun doing it!

The truth is, once I got started, I could have created two dozen different designs (the more elegant and sophisticated designs with deeper messages are still swirling in my mind); but with so little time between now and February 14th, I had to stop somewhere...so I settled on these on these six designs:

View the full-size images on my website.

Remember when we were children and there was such excitement surrounding the home-made Valentine cards we exchanged with classmates? That's what inspired these designs...excitement, fun, nostalgia, innocence, simplicity and the sweetest kind of of love...the love of a child.

Who says we have to stop sharing that kind of love just because we're grown ups? Maybe you didn't send Christmas cards and now is just the time for you to spread a little love...or maybe you did send Christmas cards but want to enjoy the nostalgia of a personal, lovingly made Valentine. And get this: YOU don't have to make them! I will!

And here's the REALLY big deal: I'm offering these six card designs for only $1.50 each! Each card will be printed on classic white cardstock as a small, flat card. Envelopes are included! All you have to do is choose your favorite of the six designs, email your photo along with names as you'd like them printed, decide how many you'd like (50-card minimum)...and I'll take care of the rest! But you do have to jump on it, because this lowest-ever price ends February 1st! 

And one more treat, because I'm really feeling the LOVE for my fabulous clients and blog readers:

Leave a comment between now and January 31st and you'll be entered into the drawing for 50 free Valentine's Day cards! And...if you refer a friend to this blog and that friend leaves a comment with your name somewhere in it (such as "Linsey Hasenbank sent me!"), I'll enter YOU, the kind referral source, into the drawing an EXTRA time. In fact, I'll enter your name into the drawing for as many friends as you refer (just make sure they leave a comment with your name somewhere in it). Oh, and of course, the friend leaving a comment enters the drawing, too!

How's that for crazy?!?! I absolutely L O V E cards!


  1. I love your work! I hope I win!

  2. Comment-leaving is a piece of cake (and FUN!). If you don't have a "profile" of some sort, you can select the "Name/URL" option (you can leave the url blank). "Anonymous" comments won't qualify for the giveaway because I don't know who you are! :)

  3. One of my women's groups makes "Valentine's for Vets" every year. We take them to the V.A. Hospital and the staff passes them out. If I win, I would donate them to that effort. Our Vets need all the love we can give.

    Lindsey, I look forward to each edition of your blog. It is fun feel your creativity jump right out of the screen.

    Is it possible to send an image in this comment section? I saw a picture that I would love to send to you relevant to your color edition.

  4. Love the new cards...Maybe I could win some??? They would be so fun to send. Everyone loved the Christmas cards! Thank you.

  5. Love your new designs. We have always made
    homemade valentines since my girls were 2.
    It is so much fun to create and then share that

  6. such cute designs!!! :)

  7. Wow, I haven't done Valentine's cards in so long - but now that my daughter is getting older, I suppose she'll be needing to hand out V cards at school! What fun designs you have!

  8. Love your cards~glad I knew you when....we were inspiring each other back in the day at OPEN DOOR!!! Those were the days!

  9. What happy and festive Valentine's cards! A fun little smile in the midst of winter. Hoorah! :)

  10. Congratulations SARA!!! You are the winner of 50 free Valentine cards! (thanks to random.org for picking your number)! Send me an email to go over the details: llh-at-llhdesigns-dot-com.

    And NETTIE...I like your idea so much that I'm making you a winner as well. Sending love to our Vets is a great idea! Drop me a line to work out the details.


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