Get Organized Month

Did you know that January is officially "Get Organized" month? Who knew there was such a thing?!?! Well, I've got the bug. And one thing I know about the organizing bug: it's contagious when exposed.

If you'd like to catch the bug, I'll try to spread it with a few photos from my own home. (If seeing other people's organization stresses you out in any way, you have my permission to stop reading right now and jump right to the comment box at the bottom. Tell me what you're "into" these days!)

My mantra for organizing is "everything in its place." And of course, for everything to be in its place, everything needs to HAVE a place! That's why BASKETS are my all-time favorite home accessory. They give things an instant place and look nice while doing it (very French, don't you think?). Here are a few I use every day:

Kitchen baskets...
...pantry baskets...
...back door baskets...
...and the famous bottom-of-my-stairs basket!

I get more comments on this basket than just about anything else in my house...perhaps because it's visible the minute you step inside my front door. Sure beats the pile of clutter that would otherwise be visible on my bottom two steps!

"Don't you have a basket for that?" is one of my husband's favorite jokes (yes, I even have a remote control basket). He'll tell you I have a basket for everything, and it's true. I know...slightly obsessed, but it works for me!

How about you, Dear Reader? What is your go-to item or secret strategy for organizing? Leave your comment by January 24 to enter the 2010 desk calendar give-away! I'll be giving away several...and would LOVE to hear from you!


  1. I love baskets. I am loving the metal baskets from Aiden Gray at the moment. I also have a hanging shoe rack on the back of the door of the closet coming in from the garage....it is a great place to collect things and keep organized (gloves, keys, mail, etc.) before they find their way to piles on my kitchen counter!

  2. Baskets and file folders, just the basics I guess. Still have a lot of under-organized closets, though. Would love to win a calendar!

  3. love that wire basket in the kitchen -- so charming. my sister has one of those stair baskets, and i always want to steal it from her when i am at her place!

  4. I bought some at Ikea yesterday for the kids toys, but other than that I still need help on how to organize my desk area in particular - it always looks kind of messy and I hate that b/c I'm kind of a neat freak. Baskets, hmmm...

  5. I use bright-colored, woven Mexican baskets in all sizes. A tall, open round one holds recycling, a medium square one with lid serves as a stealth trashcan, a small lidded one meant for tortillas holds extra printer cartridges. They are colored in hot pink, indigo, and yellow and very cheery!

  6. well dear sister, i just organized my folded clothes by color, and then i got knit baskets (yes baskets! me!) from ikea and took the old baskets, stuffed some art materials in them and shoved them under my drafting table. the top is a not so pretty sight, however, and i am fairly positive there might be some small creatures living in all that stuff. and right now i am looking at my little computer desk....ay yi yi. i did, however, order a hanging basket for files to mount on the wall in hopes that it might encourage me to not make piles....can you come over?

  7. Gretchen DurenJanuary 20, 2010

    Love the baskets -- needing some myself. Where is your favorite purchase spot? Especially for the pantry baskets and stair basket??
    Happy Organizing!!

  8. i love the idea of getting organized, and i often start with a fire under my butt that soon fizzles out--in my random piles that need attention, i'll find an old book i haven't looked through in a while, or a card from a friend, or an issue of martha stewart (organizing queen!) i've read a million times, and soon my Organizing Extravaganza ends up being put on another to-do list :)
    it is so satisfying though, even if i just get one drawer or closet done!

  9. I'm slow on the announcement, but EVERYONE who left a comment gets a calendar! Wahoo! Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll send it your way! llh-at-llhdesigns-dot-com

  10. Where did you get those curved front "pantry baskets"? I cannot find them searching anywhere and I am usually great at finding things online.

  11. Michaels! About 5 years ago. Another great source for baskets is World Market.


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