Cutest Cupcake EVER!

Look at what my sister gave me for my birthday!!!
And guess what...she MADE it!!! Hand-stitched felt with a cute little paper tag!
Now the fun part is finding a special place to put it. Somewhere quaint and personal...somewhere that needs a little splash of happy. I think I've got it! The French desk I bought at Urban Market a while back.
The "XO" woodblock stamps were already there...and the desk was just begging for something unexpected and hand-made.

That sister-o-mine sure knows how to make things! (This is just one of MANY amazing things she's made recently...hand-printed onesies and t-shirts, collages, alphabet flashcards...oh, to be that talented!)

This cute little cupcake is just the thing to make a birthday girl feel special all year long! And lucky for YOU...she'll make more! If you want one, send an email to Holly: tembostudio-at-hotmail-dot-com (trying to protect her from spam...but you get the idea!). You'll love your cupcake...and so will anyone who receives it as a gift!


  1. Happy Birthday Linsey... Hope all is well. I saw your furniture guy the other day and he assured me that his brother was taking care of your order. Let me know if I can help to expedite things.

    I have a space at the next market, hope the weather is as glorious as today is.

    Take care. Miss seeing you.


  2. oh i am so glad you like your cupcake! lo-cal at that! can't wait to make more! xox


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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