A Few Days Left...and I Still Love Cards!

I'm full of joy as I near the end of another Christmas card season...not because it's almost over and I can do something other than cards all day (what will I do?!?!), but JOYFUL because even at the end of the busiest season ever, I still LOVE what I do! And I love the people who hire me to do what I do.

This very morning I had a client call me on her way to the airport. She hasn't had time to study online samples and complete an order form (and she's way past the deadline), so she said, "I love everything you do and trust you entirely. I don't even need to see a proof. Just do what you love and print." Wow. I love that! What a trusting woman...and what creative freedom she has given me! Exciting and a little bit scary, but JOY-FILLED!

Yesterday, I had a client who's living overseas tell me she loved the elegant proof I sent her. She requested classic and elegant, and I gave it to her. All was well. I could have printed and been done with it. Simple elegance...what's not to love?

But then I stared at her photo a little bit longer. Two very young boys bursting with joy and looking as if they wanted to squirm right out of that photo. All of the sudden, elegant just wasn't working for me (or for those bustling boys). So without her permission, I went all custom and crazy on her!

Same words. Entirely different design. She LOVES it...ADORES it! And so do I! I wish I could show you the photo so that you could how it all turned out, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for the lucky recipients of her card!

I find myself asking, "How do I do that? And how do I do it at the end of the season when I've spent three months living, breathing and dreaming Christmas cards?" It's a God-thing. Truly. There is no other way. I should be burnt out at this point and drained of ideas; I'm not trained in graphic design (I was an English major at Vanderbilt...no graphic design going on there!); I'm not even a very colorful person (plain jane is more like it); but I love the words of Christmas and I love being open to God's creative power.

I love what I do. And as long as God does what He does through me, I'll be doing it. Thank you to all who have given me the privilege of using my gifts to design your cards. I am OVERJOYED!


  1. Love what you've done here. I swear next year I am going to get my act together and order cards from you....we are always just so late on our photos b/c my husband's kids are in Australia so we have to wait until we are all together for a photo! I wondered how you learned the awesome graphic design skills...are you completely self taught?

  2. Kara NeumannDecember 17, 2009

    We love our card, Lins! God has given you the most amazing gift...breathing amazing, joyful, colorful life into all of His words! Every card you make shows just how deeply you are connected to Him -- and Him to you! I see Him in you every time I see you! Love you bunches!


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