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The title of this post alone gets me all kinds of excited! URBAN MARKET. If you're in Houston, mark your calendar: this Sunday, November 9th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in a big, open field. Yes...a big, open field right here in the cement city of Houston! Visit www.theurbanmarkethouston.com for details.

The timing is a bit precarious for a Christmas card designer (my busy season is in full swing!), but you can bet I'll be there on Sunday. How could I resist? As card clients walk through my house and inquire where I found this or that, the answers are pretty much the same every time...and Urban Market is always one of those answers.

A once-around of my house today (with my iphone camera in hand...so much for my love of photography!) revealed many of the treasures I've found there over the years. Here are a few from recent markets:
I fell in LOVE with this secretary from Janet Wiebe. Everyone was browsing the books and accessories she had on top of it, but I was taken by the rustic finish, perfect white-washed gray tones, and simple but elegant shape. And when she said it came from "Isle sur la Sorgue," I knew I had to have it. I've been to that lovely little antique-filled, river town in Provence and couldn't afford to bring anything home back then, but Janet gave me a great price on this piece. Look for her as soon as you get to Urban Market. She always has great sconces and chandeliers, too.

And here's one of the zinc-topped tables I love from French Vanilla. In fact, a client loved them so much that she told me to let her know if I ever wanted to part with them. So I did! I have one...and she has one! Notice the rosette detail...LOVE!

I'm sure my iphone camera didn't do this "find" justice, but here's the "wall art" in my entryway...collected over a year's worth of Urban Markets. I gathered up the $10 botanical prints in the Spring and found the iron garden piece in the Fall. I never imagined it would all come together this way, but so it has! I love the organic, unplanned, yet cohesive look of outdoor elements brought together indoors.
You might say I'm addicted to iron-work rosettes. It just feels so French to me! Here's a close-up of the garden piece:
And yet more "wall art." This shelf was the hutch to a buffet that had been sold separately somewhere along the way. I saw it and thought it would be an attractive way to display photos and other little knick knacks I've collected along the way. Let me say this: I'm not particularly skilled in arranging shelves (tips anyone?), but I do want you to see the unexpected treasures that can be found for a good price at Urban Market.
Remember the pot fetish? It's been going strong for a couple of years now! I love those English (gasp! not French!) pots that line the top of the shelf. Of course, I'm always aware of the spacing between them and wanting them to be "just so."

And lest you think Urban Market is all about big things, here's a "small" that sits prominently in my dining room: a pair of metal topiary containers (sans topiary!).

Urban Market could be described in any number of ways. Some say it's "Roundtop in Houston." Others say it's even better. I have a friend who swears her finds are better at "Urban" than Roundtop...and after doing a once-around through my house today, I'd have to agree!

Thank you Maura Cannon, Jane Schott and all of your early helpers and vendors for having the vision and creativity to start this little wonder back in 2004.

P.S. Did I mention the AMAZING pimento cheese sandwiches from Words & Food?!?! I don't even like pimento cheese, but thanks to my first taste at Urban Market, I now buy it every Saturday at the Eastside Farmer's Market!


  1. I think you might like both of these blogs (you might already read them):
    Cute decor!

  2. I love both of those blogs, Carolyn. Thanks for reminding me to check in on them. I especially enjoyed Brooke's post about the Wisteria lantern (and all 116 comments that followed)!

  3. Hi Linsey... I plan on going to the urban market this weekend so maybe I will see you there! Looks like my sister has become a follower of your blog! -- Amy (McConn) Rizo-Patron

  4. I love the small world connection, Amy! See you at Urban!

  5. How fabulous you are to let others know about the Urban Market! What Maura and I always wanted was a place where you could find cool things that you would remember where you got it as long as you owned it. A good memory for an inanimate object...

    It seems to have come to pass. I bet anyone who has been to the Urban Market Houston can walk through their house and fondly recall that they found it on an early Sunday morning at the best outdoor scavenger hunt in Texas.

    You go on and enjoy the day! I will be everyone in spirt.

  6. What an honor to have a comment from one of the Urban Market founders! Thank you, Jane. Memories are being made at Urban Market, both with the purchases AND the friends who treasure hunt alongside of us!

    I bet my readers would enjoy your clever blog as well, so here it is, friends: Jane Schott at http://empressoftheeye.blogspot.com

  7. Linsey, SJS classmate Susie Stowell Isaac here. So, are you going to post photos of any great finds? I am jealous you've got markets like this and Round Top nearby. In DC we have some good flea markets and a few shops that do periodic events, but nothing like this that I've found so far.

    I am enjoying your new blog. Still working on my site and blog, hope to put it up in December.

  8. Hi Susan (aka Maddie G)! I would love to share my Urban Market "finds." It's been a full card week, but I'll do that real soon! I love sharing! Can't wait to see your website and blog!

  9. "Maddie G" is my daughter :) Looking forward to the updates. I'm sure you are swamped!


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