Urban Market Finds

I'm so glad someone asked to see my Urban Market finds, because I was looking for an excuse to share! The joyful chaos of card season has me pretty tied up, so no glorious photo shoots for you, but here's my iphone best!

If you've been following my blog, you know I couldn't pass these up! I bought a dozen of them, so friends, you may see them somewhere in your future as gifts! Note to all who think I'm crazy for buying up so many little pots: these sold out within the first two hours. Lovin' my little pots!

Weathered, zinc-like, great shape...what's not to love about this cross? It would look glorious on a backyard fence surrounded by ivy or confederate jasmine, but I'm a big fan of using outdoor elements inside my home, so I hung this 40-inch treasure on a lonely half-wall that needed some serious punch.

Deal of the day: two large trompe de l'oeil candlesticks with metal crowns on top. These Aidan Gray beauties are sitting in high-end retail shop right now for $175 and up. My mismatched pair: $60! Thank you for the fabulous deals Urban Market. Now if I just knew where to put them!

I don't plan to post too many pictures of myself, but who else would roll away from Urban Market with a Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree in an antique mop bucket? I plan to hang gift tags from the branches with tiny wooden clothespins...a fun way to display my holiday inventory here in my studio!

At the end of the day, it wasn't about the "stuff" so much as the whole experience. I got to give Maura Cannon a big hug, saw some of my wonderful card clients, bumped into a few blog readers and enjoyed a delicious pimento cheese sandwich, ginger cookie and lavender earl grey tea with my mom and sister.

Now a question for you (since I don't know where to put my candlesticks just yet): do you have to know where something will go before you bring it home, or are you a "buy it because you love it" and "find a place for it later" person? Just curious!


  1. If it "winks" at you, take it home!

    Glad you had a lovely day at the Urban Market.

  2. Oooh...I like that, Jane! Wink, wink!

  3. I LOVED that candlestick...and seeing your beautiful, smiling face on your blog! I'm definitely a spontaneous "buy it because I love it gal!" My weakness is children's clothes, though.

  4. The Urban Market is more fun than Last Call at Neimans or the $25 purse bin at A Bientot. It is a also a good reason to keep the old Suburban!
    I am sick to have missed it this month, but it looks like you found some wonderful things.

  5. Ashley, I'm glad I was broke when my girls were babies because I'm a big time sucker for adorable baby girl clothes! I'm already hoping to have some granddaughters in my future!

    Waverly, I totally agree! I bet the next one will have a special something just for you!

  6. Eclectic is my middle name...I rarely know exactly where my treasures will go. I buy with my heart; if I love it, I find a place for it. I enjoy rescuing old books.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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