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When I started this whole blogging thing, I made a promise to myself: to write when inspired (not on a schedule) and to write freely, freshly and with as little use of the backspace key as possible (hard for an over-thinking, perfectionistic, English major type!). Well, I confess...I've tried to write this post four times and just can't seem to nail it. Lots of backspace action going on over here!

Show Hope. Two small words that make a HUGE difference. Who doesn't want to show a little hope to a hurting world? But how? Where to start?

One child at a time, according to Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman (yes, the famous but unspeakably humble, record-making, chart-breaking, award-winning musician), founders of Show Hope, a movement to care for orphans by addressing their root need: the lack of a family.

I didn't know what I was getting into the first time I was asked to design the invitation for a private Show Hope fundraising event. All I knew was that Steven Curtis Chapman was going to be playing a few songs in my client's home, so yes, ABSOLUTELY, happy to design the invitations and event materials.

Rarely when I design an invitation do I also become a guest, but how grateful I am to my client and friend for including me. First of all, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman are as real as they come, and to meet someone so true and authentic is inspiring, famous or not. (Read their blogs to see what I mean.) But then to hear their personal adoption stories...wow! They went from "Who, me? No way. We're crazy, but not THAT crazy!"to adopting three little girls from China, one at a time (on top of the three children they already had). When they returned home with their first adopted daughter, they were greeted at the Nashville airport by friends, family, and of course media. But then there were the families they didn't know who showed up because they, too, wanted to adopt. When Mary Beth learned that it was "only money" that stood in the way of a child being brought into a loving home (the lump sum required for adoption is staggering), she opened up her checkbook right then and there. Steven joked that he was going to have to write a lot more songs and sell a bunch more records to continue writing checks at that pace! Surely, he thought, there was an organization that could help these families welcome orphans into their hearts and homes by bridging the financial gap.

But there wasn't such an organization, so Show Hope was born. I could spend all day trying to perfect what I what I want you to know about Show Hope and its founders, about the children who are waiting to be adopted and the families who are grateful for the grants and children they've received, but instead I'll direct you to www.showhope.org for photos, stories, videos and more. It's worth a visit.

Despite the darkness that surrounds The Chapmans as they grieve the loss of their youngest daughter, Mary Beth and Steven are reflections of Heaven's brightest light, and Show Hope is evidence of that. They returned to Houston a few days ago and were as passionate as ever...and every bit as real. Thank you, Mary Beth and Steven, for showing your hope.

Despite my heavy use of the backspace key and many poor attempts at a re-write, I've still fallen short of expressing what Show Hope is all about, but there's one thing I know for sure: when you get a glimpse of how much God loves you, it changes you! And THAT is inspiring!

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