Sconce Fetish

Have I told you about my sconce fetish? The truth is, I didn't know I had one until recently when I brought home a sconce and didn't know where to put it because of all the ones I already have. I'm probably breaking all the design rules about how many sconces one house can hold, but you know,  rule follower that I am in every other area of life, I'm okay with breaking design rules! Besides, I'm betting that the great castles of France in Italy were loaded with sconces with no regard for "rules." They just needed light and thought the holders of the light should be beautiful. But of course! Mais, oui! Bien sûr!

I won't bore you with a photo of every scone I own, but here is my first and favorite sconce purchase:
The patina doesn't get anymore authentic than this. I think they were $60 or $65 for the pair about five or six years ago at Heights Antiques on Yale, my treasure trove place (click here to read my full post on that shop).

I've also bought a few pairs from Wisteria. When you buy from a catalog, you'll never have the fondness that comes with buying something you "found" in a special place, but if the price, shape and color is just right, I say go for it! Here are a few I've purchased:

And here's one I'd purchase from Wisteria if I had a spot for it (I may have to find one):

My favorite sconces are, of course, French inspired and show some age, but I'm more picky about the price than the age, so a reproduction is just fine with me. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's "real" and what's been carefully reproduced. Here are some I loved from a high-end show home (I love the iron work). Can you tell if they are antique or new?
I don't need to come home from Sunday's Urban Market with another sconce, but if I see a beautiful one for just the right price, I just might have to give it a home! Wink!


  1. That first sconce is gorgeous...I can see why it's your favorite.

  2. Thanks, Andrea! And blog friends, if you're reading this comment, visit Andrea at www.fadedplains.com. You'll be glad you did. Love her "Autumn Bliss" homepage right now. Enjoy!


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