LLH Designs Open House

This is a first! You'd think this would be an annual event with Christmas being my favorite time of year, but I've never had the time, inventory or energy to do such a thing before. I'm really excited to open up my home and offer you some of my favorite designs!  If you don't know where I live, send me an email and I'll send directions. (I didn't want to post my address online.)

My custom card clients are always my priority this time of year, but aside from the custom work, I've been selling stationery and cards at the Houston Country Club Christmas Boutique for the last four years (a members-only event that doesn't allow me to invite all of you). I've absolutely LOVED it - the nicest people, festive music, beautiful decor and THOUSANDS of people who stop to admire my cards (how nice is that???).

But this year, I felt God calling me to give it up, to write "LOSS" over that part of my business. WHAT?!?! My biggest sales event, and one for which I've been planning and preparing for weeks?!?! A very hard decision indeed as it is always an honor to be "accepted" into the HCC boutique...and I love all of the loyal clients who shop with me there. BUT...there are bigger things going on behind the scenes and in my heart. I have the opportunity to show God's love to a dear friend and her family of six during the time that I would ordinarily be ribbon-tying and printing until the wee hours. This precious family is coming in town to bring joy and encouragement to a very sick family member, and the way I can help in this situation is to open my heart and my home. What a privilege. Even if the plans for their visit are turned upside down or cancelled, I have been blessed by the process of making this decision.

However, behind each loss is often a gain, and I hope the gain will be all yours! Because I have already printed so many note cards and have many new designs I'd like to share, I'll be opening up my house on December 4th. My dining room will be jam-packed with note cards, gift tags and memo pads...all between $11 and $25...the kinds of things I don't sell on my website. It's all packaged and ready to give...to teachers, hostesses, friends...even yourself! Who doesn't need a set of Christmas thank you notes? I hope the tradition of writing thank you notes stands forever!

And one more thing worth sharing: 15% of the total sales from the Open House will be donated to The Forge for Families to buy Christmas gifts for Houston's inner city children. And I will personally match whatever that amount is so that we can buy double the gifts! If you can't make it December 4th, perhaps you'll consider making a donation or even adopting a family of your own through The Forge. Contact Abigail and tell her I sent you. She'll know what to do! The Forge is a top-notch, heart-felt, servant-oriented organization that serves inner city families year-round. I know founders Sheila and Prince Couisnard personally and can tell you they are the REAL deal!

I hope to see all of my Houston friends on December 4th. If you're a local blog reader but we've never met, come on over and have a cup of cider with me on the 4th! I'd love to meet you!

Blessings and love to you all!


  1. wish i could be there -- i know there will be lots of eye candy!

  2. I wish I could come too...I can only imagine how fun!


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