Christmas Ornament Heaven

The day after Thanksgiving, no matter how many card orders have piled up, I take time to enjoy a day of Christmas music and decorating with my girls. I've been listening to Christmas music since October, but it's so much more REAL and festive when I'm decorating a tree with the little people I love so much!

And you know what's really wonderful? My little girls share my love of ornaments and decorating! They are filled with anticipation and excitement as we pull the ornament box down from the attic and remove one layer at a time to adorn our tree. I love the festivity, but I'm also a rules girl (just ask my free-spirited sister!), so the rule here is: one layer at a time! No sneaking to the layer underneath in search of your favorite ornament when there are still plenty of ornaments on the current layer to be hung on the tree!

But you know what? When each ornament is wonderful, the temptation to "skip ahead" isn't so...tempting! When you buy ornaments at a place I call "Ornament Heaven," every ornament is wonderful...year after year...after year!

Ornament Heaven....also know as "Anthrolopogie." I adore the ornaments I've found there over the last six or so years. I've even photographed a few of them and turned them into Christmas cards:

Aren't they gorgeous? I just love the fabrics, the beading, the layers of texture...such exquisite details for such tiny things! I'd like one of those pink sweaters and angel dresses in my size, please!

At Anthrolologie, what you find this year may not "go" with what you bought last year in the traditional sense, but there's a cohesiveness to their ornaments that I love. It's a cohesiveness that's hard to define, but it's visually appealing to see them hanging on a tree together with all of their different fabrics, textures and details. Somehow, it all just "goes."

Here's what I'm liking this year: a cute little country mouse family: mama, papa and child.

And how clever is this catalog shot?!?! (Love that clock, by the way!)

And with my love of paper and Christmas hymns, I really like what they did with sheet music in these two ornaments:

Again, a very clever photo shoot...all this artistry for an ornament! Love it!

And just to give you a glimpse of how varied the options are, I think my mom, with her fiber artist background, would like this one:

And my sister, with her new baby boy, might like this soft, hand-stitched one:

You know, it's funny...I'm pretty traditional, clean and classic about most things, but when it comes to a Christmas tree, I've enjoyed making mine personal and interesting. You're not likely to find me veering away from the classic white lights, but with the ornaments, I try to have fun.

If you'd like to see Anthropologie's entire collection of 2009 Christmas ornaments, click here. I'd love to know which is your favorite, or to hear about your own Ornament Heaven. Go ahead...leave a comment!

And if you're in Houston, I invite you to take a peek at my tree during the LLH Designs Open House on Friday, December 4th!


  1. your free spirited sister shares the love of anthropological ornaments in all ways. . . the history they have (however cheesy it may be) and the places they come from. i still want that ornament you made at my house 3 years ago.....will it to me please

  2. Cheesy? Was that a pun intended for my new mouse ornament fetish? ;)

  3. nah. has to do with all the cheesy childhood ornaments we have but can't bear to throw away. the ones that end up at the back of the christmas tree....


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