What Giveaways Are Really About

Oops...I wrote this post a few days ago and am just now discovering that I never published it! My head was in the clouds...or the CARDS would be more like it! Here you go...

Congratulations to Erica! You are the winner of the second LLH Designs Blog giveaway! I'm thrilled to send you a set of newly designed holiday thank you notes! Thank you for leaving a comment, sweet friend! And thank you random.org for making the "random" selections. I could never choose on my own!

If you're reading and wondering what this giveaway business is all about, here it is in a nutshell: one, it's fun to be a giver; two, it draws attention to a particular business or product...one that I'd like to share with you (even if it's my own!); and finally, the point of a giveaway is to encourage a habit of  comment-leaving.

So why do comments matter? Comments matter because they make a blog more interesting, inspiring and interactive (how's that for alliteration?!?!). Your comments are every bit as important as my posts, not because they make me feel good (though they do make me smile), but because they keep the conversation going. I wholeheartedly believe that you have as many inspiring ideas as I do, and I'd be honored if you'd consider this blog a good place to share them!

If you're reading a particular post and have a thought, even if it's weeks or months later, we'd all love to hear it! And by all means, if you are most inspired just reading and pondering quietly in your own heart, you are still welcome here!

Thanks for joining me in this adventure. I hope you enjoy what's left of October!

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"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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