Be Still

These small words are inspiring me today. Words from Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God."

Be still.

It's like learning a new vocabulary word back in your school days. Suddenly, the word is everywhere (or it was always there, but now you have ears to hear it).

On Monday, I heard "be still" in a song. On Tuesday, I heard the words as a wise woman, a new card client actually, shared her delight in raising her children peacefully and purposefully (without all of the activities and extras we so often pursue for our children these days). On Wednesday, I heard "be still" from a group of women who gathered together in my home, one of them reminding me that I embroidered Psalm 46:10 for her nearly eight years ago. And this very morning, I heard "be still" from a friend who read something to me over the phone. Her reading began, I kid you not, "BE STILL."

So yes, I'm starting to get the message....loud and clear and in quiet whispers. I'm trying to listen and learn what these words really mean....what they might look like in day-to-day life. And rather than tell you what being still should mean for you, I'm just going to give them to you "straight up"and let them do their thing!


  1. Kara NeumannOctober 15, 2009

    love this post! reminds me that sometimes I should just sit back and take it all in! :)

  2. What a beautiful post! Thank you for reminding us that we must be still, only when we become still and silent can we hear the voice of God.

    xo, Michelle

  3. Linsey,

    Everything you express and each way you express it gives the world a glimmer of the beauty of our Father alive in you. "His name and His reknown are the desires of my heart" is wonderfully made clear through your heart's expressions. What a joy to see your beauty and this wonderful desire continue to grow in you.
    You ARE precious to me!
    Michelle Harrison

  4. I love your comments, friends, but Michelle Harrison, you brought tears to my eyes. I was reading casually and broke down unexpectedly. Undone really. What a blessing you were in my life as my camp counselor. Wow. Thank you for your words today, but even more, thank you for loving me nearly 20 years ago (gulp). You made a difference!

  5. There is equal power in dropping a word each time you say the quote. The last word is BE.

  6. Caroline HawkinsOctober 16, 2009

    Thank you Linsey! This verse has highlighted my day and brought me much comfort and peace. I enjoy your blog. Blessings to you! Caroline


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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