A Treasure Trove in The Heights

I'm so inspired I'm about to BURST! Isn't that the best feeling? I'll try to settle down enough to share the highlights of my inspired morning without taking rabbit trails all over the place, but the truth is, this post could be broken into many separate ones: The Heights, Antiques, Sconces, Home Accessories (or "smalls" as some like to call them), and the amazingly talented Maura Cannon. Perhaps I'll get to all of those in time, but for today...

I took a break from the non-stop work that characterizes my life from September to December and treated myself to one of my favorite shops: Heights Antiques on Yale. (The shop is better than the website.) In case you've never heard of it, I'm here to tell you it's a treasure trove worth visiting once a month or so. It isn't beautiful in that high-end-can't-afford-anything kind of way, but it has its own low-key kind of charm that I find quite refreshing!

The "road dogs" just returned from the Midwest with a trailer full of goodies. The sheer amount of stuff at this shop can be overwhelming, so I have to walk around several times just to take it all in, but here are some treasures that jumped out at me:

Weathered little flower pots. You'll see these at Marburger next week for 10 times the price. These were a steal: 4 for a dollar! I bought 12! The less perfect looking hand-tossed pots with the potter's fingerprints still showing inside sold out on unloading day. I bet they were beautiful!

And how cute are these?!?! Little flower pot baskets. I plan to use mine for organizing little things (pencils, rubber bands, paper clips...). If it didn't look silly to put one in every room, I really would! I may have to go back and grab one more.

A snapshot of my growing stash of goodies: the flower pot basket, zinc buckets with numbered metal tags (numbers are super trendy right now), fat rolls of burlap ribbon that I plan to use on my Christmas tree this year, and a bundled stack of paper back books with the spines ripped off (again, something you'll see at Marburger next week for a LOT more $$$).

And a sconce I couldn't leave behind! I think it's fair to say that I'm addicted to sconces...and when they are well-priced like this one, I can't resist!
The rosette gets me every time...especially when it's a part of antique iron work. I could write a whole post on the different iron rosette details I have in my house...and another post on sconces! Hmm...stay tuned!

And one last picture. Here's what I did with the pots when I got home: tossed them into a wire basket with some antique spools. Seeing them displayed in the basket at the shop gave me just the inspiration I needed to go ahead and buy those 12 little pots for $3.24. And I'm betting that little display was the handiwork of Maura Cannon. I'll be back to tell you more about her for sure, but if you pop in to Antiques on Yale, be sure to tell Maura I sent you.

Here's to inspired living!


  1. Linsey this is GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to come camp here! Way to go!

  2. ooh, if you ever see in ceramic pots again like that, let me know.. I'd love to transplant plants into them and give them away later as gifts. :)

  3. Great gift idea! And the weathered pots would give your gift so much more warmth. There were still more. You might also ask Maura (or whoever is there) if she has any more.

  4. Your blog is gorgeous! I love your inspirations and your passion from them! I want to know what you do with the paperbacks? I love the look.. and am curious what you do with them!

  5. Thanks so much! I just scatter books in every room...on shelves, on side tables, on tabletop easels...no real plan. Books just make me happy! :)


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