Inspiration from the Lampshade Lady

Wow. Here I am. A blogger. Make that a card lady with a blog. Or a crazy lady with a blog. Taking on another task just as card season is ramping up is a little on the crazy side, but it's an inspired kind of crazy, so I'm going for it!

Deciding where to begin sharing inspirations is nearly impossible. Do I start with how I got into the design business? Do I tell you about my background? Do I share my goals for this blog? Hmm...that all sounds very official (and boring for now). How about I start with the story of a lampshade lady in Small Town, Vermont?

Oh, and before I share that little secret, here's one thing I've promised myself: to write in a fresh, inspired voice vs. the overly-edited, perfectionistic style that the English major in me knows so well. No time for all the fuss. I hope to use the backspace key as little as possible (a real challenge for me...just ask my husband!).

So, back to the lampshade lady. My husband's family has a house on a beautiful little lake in Vermont. It's one of those sit-in-a-hammock-and-read-all-day kind of places. No pressure to do anything else...but SURELY there must be something else!  So, eight or so years ago, my sweet husband took me into "town." I laughed at myself for bringing a purse because it was clear there was nothing to buy in this little town. Nevertheless, we walked around and my husband spotted an actual shop: Lake's Lampshades.

Sounds...kinda...cheesy. I'm thinking nautical/lake-themed lampshades with a Vermont syrup bottle as the base. Not exactly the kind of place I'm interested in perusing, and I wasn't exactly a lampshade girl back then either. But my sweet husband is feeling so proud to show me around and even more proud that he's found a shop for me.

WOW. Not at all what I expected.

This photo doesn't even begin to explain what it was that really inspired me. Lampshades are her thing for sure, but her walls inspired me as much as the shades themselves. They were lined with beautiful fabrics draped from pegs or folded up on the shelves of antique armoires and cabinets. French florals and toile, vintage chenille, shabby chic poplin, and my personal favorite: white on white embroidered linen (preferably French, of course!). And the gorgeous trim, ribbon and finishing touches!

OK, so maybe you're not in inspirational heaven the way I was if you aren't a fabric and trim person or a small town shop girl, but wait until you hear the rest of the story...tomorrow!

Until then, here's a picture of the way Lake's Lampshades looks now. Pretty charming for a little tiny town near a little tiny lake, right? She's painted and "fancified" since I first visited. Way to go, lampshade lady!

Very Country Living-esque!  Stay tuned for "part deux!"

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  1. Hi Linsey- thanks for pointing me in the direction of your sixth photo. Cute story and wow, what a store! I'm just now getting in to lampshades and fabrics so I have a new appreciation for all of this. :)


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